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Discover organic safran du Gâtinais and its speciality products

Welcome to my site, Safran du Gâtinais, my name is Thierry Dupré. In the eighties, I was one of the first people to reintroduce the cultivation of saffron in France by planting saffron corms in my family farm in the Gâtinais.

Saffron, Crocus Sativus, has been known and grown as a spice since earliest Antiquity. Through trades with other continents, saffron corms were introduced into France and the cultivation of saffron was made official in Gâtinais by Louis XIV in 1698 through an edict (History of saffron).

Since 1995, I have been cultivating organic saffron under the name Safran du Gâtinais (trade mark) and I offer you organic saffron specialities.

All my products come from organic agriculture and are certified organic by the organization ECOCERT. You can find out all about my products by visiting the Online Store.

On Line Store Organic Products

Organic saffron Gifts

Organic saffron Corms
Crocus Sativus


Circumference size 8/12 cm

Organic French Saffron

Presentation boxes

Organic custard tart with saffron

Pasta with Organic Saffron

Organic syrup with saffron

Desserts with saffron