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Saffron corms (Crocus Sativus corms)

Saffron is the only spice that comes from a flower. The flowers themselves are magnificent with a striking purple colour. Add a splash of colour to your flowerbeds or balconies with this splendid flower which blooms in October, thanks to its exceptional flower reversed vegetation cycle. What is more, you can grow and produce your own saffron easily.

Buy saffron corms, plant them in pots or directly in the soil from June to September and they will bloom in the following October. (to learn how to cultivate your own saffron go to the page: "Growing saffron")

The corms are available from July to September ****
Circumference 8/12 cm - You can order them from now on.

Bulbs are delivered with information of culture

Saffron bulbs - Availables Now!!! - Circumference size 8/12 cm

To plant before middle of September
Blooming season and harvest this year in October

Bulbs are delivered with information of culture


Non organic bulbs for sale here:

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